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"Our customers love Java Tree coffee, and we get a lot of repeat customers because of that. And we love the service. Quick delivery, one-on-one barista training, and they handle every request without any problems. Java Tree is great."

Jane Harmon, Manager, Awakenings Espresso Café

All of the Flavor, None of the Caffeine.

Our Columbian Supremo beans are decaffeinated using the Swiss Water® Process to ensure its robust flavor is retained. We then blend the beans to exacting proportions so the unique characteristics of the coffee blend perfectly with the chosen flavor.

Decaffeinated Amoskeag Mill Blend CO2/SWP Decaffeinated Espresso Roast CO2/SWP
Decaffeinated French Roast CO2/SWP Decaffeinated House Blend CO2/SWP
Decaffeinated Mill City House Blend CO2/SWP Decaffeinated Northwest Dark Roast SWP

Decaffeinated Colombia

SWP Decaffeinated Colombia Reserve SWP Decaffeinated Sumatra Mandheling
SWP Decaffeinated All Natural French Roast SWP Decaffeinated All Natural Mexico Altura

CFT SWP Decaffeinated All Natural Peru Gold CFT SWP Decaffeinated All Natural Guatemala
CFT SWP Decaffeinated North West Dark Roast CFT SWP Decaffeinated All Natural Sumatra

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